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Last Updated:     11 Jun 2006   

Teass Family Genealogy Research

Photographs - Maps
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combination_map.JPG (78691 bytes) The modern map has been overlaid over Ptolemy's map.  The locations of the ancient Teass (Tazali) and the modern Teasses are within the same location, considering the differences in the two maps.  The Ptolemy map was rotated 90 degrees so that north is facing up.
Scotland_150_AD.jpg (182292 bytes) This is Ptolemy’s map of 150 A.D.  You can see the label Tazali in the middle of the map.  This is a recognition of the tribal name Teass and the location of its strongpoint was Teasses Hill.
Teasses_Scotlland_contemporary.jpg (495614 bytes) A modern roadway map of the Tayside district of Scotland, with the location of Teasses marked with a green arrow.

New London 1836.jpg (149944 bytes)

Location of New London, Virginia.  Home of Thomas Teass. Circa 1770.

10 miles southwest of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Map Teass Hill Scotland.jpg (222301 bytes) Hill of Teasses, Scotland.  Named for the ancient Pictish tribe of Teass.

Location of present-day Teass Farm.  Situated just south of Ceres, Scotland.  Earliest record of property is approximately 1200.

Located in the Leslay